Fall Festivals can be fun, exciting, family friendly, filled with laughter and perhaps your best way to discover some hidden gems of amenities in your brand new neighborhood. One of the great parts of Autumn is the abundance of festivals...some adult focused and some...

Using to Sell Your Home

using buy owner Are you planning to sell your property and wondering how to do it? Have you heard about selling by owner and wanted to learn more? Would you like to cut commission costs to make a better profit on the sale?

Buy Owner is here to help.

As the leading for-sale-by-owner company in today’s market, Buy Owner not only offers 25 years of experience but also an unparalleled marketing scheme to help you sell. […]

Recent Customer Feedback


“We listed our house on Jan. 20 with ‘Buy Owner,’ so it took 2 months to sell. We closed the sale on March 25. The buyers…first visited our house on Sat., March 13th, returned on the 14th and we negotiated the price the evening of the 15th…The closing…happened without a hitch. For this we had prayed and feel very blessed.

Thank you for your help…


Photos DO Matter

You are about to sell your home. You have created spaces that feel cozy and comfy and warm and inviting. YET why are these photos NOT going to help you sell your home?  Let's start with the first photo. As stylish and modern as it may appear, the problem is that...

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Happy Easter!

This may sound like it's elementary BUT often in the hustle and bustle of trying to get your home prepared, advertised, exposed and shown to potential buyers you may forget to stop periodically to share in important traditions and valuable time with your family. This...

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Spring is Sprung and though that may not mean anything more than simple refreshing for some consistently warm markets, in many areas, it is time to fix up what winter broke down. Here are some projects that might take some elbow grease but in most cases not a lot of...

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Hot Market Strategy

If you're in Florida, Metro Denver CO, North Carolina or Texas, you have certainly discovered that, particularly if you're a buyer, that as fast as homes are coming on the market, they are under contract. SO, if you're a buyer what does this mean for your strategy?...

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Break for Valentine’s Day!

Take a break from stressing about getting your home sold (or finding your perfect home) to surprise your loved one with this delicious and really quite simple recipe from McCormick spices for your romantic Valentine's Day Dinner! Rosemary Baked Chicken w/Roasted...

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Rent v Buy

IS RENTING A RIGHT CHOICE FOR YOU? It's true that when you're paying rent you're not gaining any equity in that home so for some that means you're just flushing your money down the toilet, BUT there can be an upside to this decision too.  Perhaps you're new to an area...

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Great Rates = Buyer & Seller Market!

The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 2.84%, down 2 points over the last seven days. Just last month, the average interest rate was 2.88% for a 30 year mortgage. That rate is an amazing considering it is 129 basis points below the 2019 average rate. In...

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Twas the Night Before Closing

Twas the night before closing And all through the house Every creature was stirring Even the notorious mouse Boxes were piled as high as could be Folks yelling to each other Because none could be seen Feelings of stress Were compounded by tears Walking room by room...

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Buying/Selling Through the Holidays!

Black Friday seems like the perfect day to recirculate these timeless thoughts about buying/selling through the holidays. Sit back, relax and then decide what's the best choice for you! The holiday seasons are upon us and inevitably, whether selling or buying, you may...

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