(This is part two of a two-part series.)

1.  DON’T delay in returning calls

A prompt return of a phone call shows respect and shows that you care about that buyer. Wait too long and the buyer will probably call someone else.

2.  DON’T skimp on customer service

Make callbacks and send postcards to potential buyers, thanking them for their interest.

3.  DON’T discuss price with buyers who haven’t even seen your home

Encourage them to come see the property, and arrange a showing as soon as possible.

4.  DON’T prejudge a buyer

You should always ask about a buyer’s qualifications and be cautious of uninterested buyers, but still keep an open mind. You never know who will end up purchasing your home.

5.  DON’T show your property alone

Be cautious of whom you let into your home, and always have someone there with you. Chances are nothing will happen, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.

6.  DON’T under-show your home

Point out details about the house (crown molding, sprinkler system, energy-saving devices) that might not be obvious to the buyer.

7.  DON’T discuss price over the phone

Instead, always arrange to meet potential buyers in person at a place convenient to them.

8.  DON’T be confrontational

Show respect, even with the most difficult buyer. The saying “the customer is always right” is still a good one to keep in mind.

9.  DON’T be inflexible with your price

Buyers expect to negotiate and will almost never make their first offer their last one.

10.  DON’T take a deposit directly from the buyer

Make sure to always use a third party. It will keep things simple and professional.