(This is part one of a two-part series.)

When dealing with potential buyers, be sure to keep these DOs in mind.

1.  DO screen callers

Ask if they are qualified and find out how far along in the process they are. Are they looking to buy immediately, or are they just looking?

2.  DO get contact information

When a potential buyer calls and expresses interest in the home, make sure to get a name and a contact phone number.

3.  DO be prepared for questions

Be knowledgeable about your home and the area. Have information about school districts, parks, and shopping. Be aware of train station locations for downtown access, etc.

4.  DO answer questions truthfully

Put yourself in the buyer’s position and remember to give the same honesty that you would want when you’re purchasing a home.

5. DO find out if they need to sell their present home before buying a new one

Is their home currently listed, and for how long? Find out with whom they are listing, and check later for information on the listing.

6.  DO ask for the prequalified or preapproved letter

Encourage them to start the loan process if they have not already done so. Explain that the prequalified letter will strengthen any offer that they make on a listing.

7.  DO get feedback from potential buyers

Find out what they like and dislike about the home, and get their opinion about the price. Buyer feedback can help you make adjustments that just might lead to a quicker sale.

8.  DO get offers in writing

Meet with the buyer in person and draw up the offer. Double-check for any mistakes.

9.  DO ask for a deposit on an offer

A deposit should always be given with a serious offer, as it adds strength and credibility.

10.  DO be friendly, fair, and accommodating

Don’t argue with buyers and don’t intimidate them. Meet with them at a location and time that is primarily convenient to their schedule, not yours.