While it’s true that winter traditionally sees less action, at least in terms of real estate, January and February mark a strong increase in buyer interest. Pent-up demand from holiday distractions brings new buyers to the housing market, and the homes that are listed well stand out amongst the competition.

If you’re selling a home, here are the 10 hot marketing tips you have to have. Listen up: They could make the difference between seen and sold!

1. Go Online! The Internet is the single best resource in advertising your home because it offers a simple way to reach the world. Not only does it give key exposure to anyone with a computer, but it’s available anytime, anywhere, 24/7.

2. Easy Contact! Real estate advertising should emphasize contact information of the seller (you). This is another great point with Buy Owner® listings: the buyer will contact you directly. There are no middlemen to worry about, so you have all the control.

3. Key Information! When you talk with your Buy Owner marketing professional, be sure to stress the key selling points, as you see them. If there are things you feel are worth mentioning, make sure that comes across. You’ll want upgrades, valuable features and unique characteristics of your home to be highlighted in your text and the features listed online.

4. Community Knowledge! Along with key highlights of your property, your advertising should communicate the value of your property’s location. This is of course important to out-of-town buyers, who are viewing your home from a remote location. But it’s also valuable to local shoppers, who can get your perspective on the area attractions.

5. Showcase! Here’s where the customizations you choose for your advertising really matter. Did you that real estate advertisements with photos are much more likely to be viewed by potential buyers? One survey actually stated homes with photos are viewed 299% more often than homes without. Choose quality photos that show off your residence!

6. Make technology work for you! As stated in the Wall Street Journal, many owners are borrowing tools that were originally marketed to real estate agents to make them more interactive and compelling. You don’t have to use a real estate agent to use virtual tours, something Buy Owner has been promoting for a long time.

7. Yes, Use a Sign! To reach the greatest pool of buyers, don’t overlook old-fashioned methods of advertising, too. Putting a sign in the front yard isn’t the only thing you should do, but you should do it. The front yard will reach drive-by visitors and let your neighbors know you’re selling (and they might have friends who are looking)! Plus Buy Owner provides our famous talking yard signs, giving a phone number to access a description of your home.

8. Create Flyers! Using your seller tools, you’ll be able to customize and print out flyers that repackage your online advertising. Use these handouts to give physical reminders to buyers of what you’re offering!

9. Schedule Open Houses! Holding an open house gives you an opportunity to draw in a large pool of buyers at one time, as well as garner feedback in a low-key environment. For more information on holding an open house, check out this Buy Owner Blog article.

10. Talk. A Lot. Even in today’s information age, word-of-mouth remains one of the most trustworthy and powerful ways to spread news. Couple this idea with technology (aka: social media), and you can reach networks of people, from your Facebook connections to those on LinkedIn, Twitter, StumbleUpon, Digg, etc.

The key to keep in mind when selling is that you are the one in control. You choose how to market your home, so you can choose to make the most of it. Follow these tips, and you’re well on your way to a successful sale!