It’s spring! What does that mean for your decorating?

Out with the old, dark, heavy and dreary, and in with the new, bright, light and cheery!

New seasonal decorating ideas are available every year, but the rule of thumb seems to stay the same, which is that home décor trends tend to follow those of clothing fashion. Therefore, for quick, trendy ideas, visit your favorite clothing shop to spot the fabrics, colors and patterns of this year’s spring line. Or, take advantage of these 10 ideas already laid out for you:

  1. The general idea behind decorating for spring is to rid your interior of access blankets, rugs, wintery decorations and heavy curtains that block the wind. Substitute these items with ample hardwood or tile flooring, vases filled with bright flowers and light, lacey curtains.
  2. Add brightness to every room with at least one pastel-colored accessory. This could include real or artificial flowers, a bright vase, a slipcover, pillow shams, curtains, tablecloths, artwork, picture frames, rugs or anything you prefer!
  3. Incorporate spring scents into your house. While one option is to just open the windows and let the aromas of rain and renewed grass float in, allergies might cause you to choose a different option, such as scented candles and air fresheners. Choose scents like rain, honeysuckle, lilac or lavender.
  4. To avoid allergic reactions to flowers, decorate your stairway railing or fireplace mantel with bundles or tissue paper flowers. These are easy to make, emit an artsy ambiance, come in any color and cause no allergic reactions!
  5. Choose a color scheme for your décor, such as aqua and peach, or yellow, orange and lime green, and then decorate with an abundance of different patterns that match your choice of colors. This Bohemian-style of décor adds visual interest.
  6. Start saving empty water bottles, soda cans or milk cartons to use as planting pots. Stylize these containers with brightly colored stickers, paint or lace. Fill them with dirt and add an assortment of herbs, vegetables or flowers. Place them on windowsills until it is warm enough to replant them outside.
  7. Decorate the outdoors by hanging a colorful spring wreath, an Easter bunny or a brightly colored bow to the outside of your front door. Dig the outdoor furniture out of the shed, clean and place back on the porch. Hang attractive bird houses and feeders in the trees. Hang a spring flag, such as the logo of a baseball team.
  8. Purchase some spring magazines with themes such as gardening, spring cleaning, healthy eating and getting into shape. These magazines tend to display bright, cheery colors that every guest will want to pick up and read.
  9. According to fashion experts, the color for 2010 is turquoise. Use this color liberally to decorate your interior. It pairs well with yellows, browns and pinks. Looking ahead to summer 2010, start decorating now with gold, bronze and other warm, metallic colors.
  10. As far as patterns, fashion experts boldly state that patterns are in, whether they are floral, striped or abstract. Other fashion statements to be seen this spring include oversized bows, sheer and see-through fabrics, futuristic/metallic accessories, leather, metal, military and tribal patterns and more. Basically, anything goes this spring.

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