Twas the night before closing

And all through the house

Every creature was stirring

Even the notorious mouse

Boxes were piled as high as could be

Folks yelling to each other

Because none could be seen

Feelings of stress

Were compounded by tears

Walking room by room

Remembering the years

Kids measurements on the door trim

Will be a photo from here on out

And the laughter that was rampant

Fills the air all about

Memories come flooding

As you roam room to room

And again the tears flow

Knowing you’re leaving it all soon

But as strong as the memories

Fill your head and your heart

Step with joy and anticipation

Into your brand new start

The journey continues

As this last one began

And with blind excitement

In your new home you’ll soon stand

The tears may still fall

From time to time

But gatherings of laughter

Will help leave the sadness behind.

So go fill your truck

From bottom to top

Say your final goodbye

Then move on and don’t stop

When you reach your new home

Don’t just open the door

Open your heart and your mind

And enjoy what’s in store!!

(Mary Witkowski 12/18/20)

Moving can dredge up a lot of emotions. Allow yourself to feel them all so that your journey will never lack any chapters.

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