6 ways to green the kitchen

For many of us, the kitchen is the center of our home. It’s where we cook and share meals, it’s where we spend our mornings and evenings, it’s where we congregate when friends come to visit.

So it makes sense to start with the kitchen when you’re looking for quick ways to implement a greener lifestyle. Think about it: if there are a few small changes you can make to improve your home’s eco-friendliness, beginning in the kitchen, why wouldn’t you?

    Here are six simple ways to get started:

  1. Turn your dishwasher’s water temperature to a lower setting, if possible.
  2. Heat small things up with small electric pans or toaster ovens rather than your large stove or oven, and you may cut your energy consumption by two thirds!
  3. Air dry your dishes.
  4. Check the oven by turning the light instead of opening the door, which reduces the temp by about 25 degrees and increases cooking time.
  5. Use energy-efficient lighting when you can’t just use daylight.
  6. Install energy-efficient appliances. Old refrigerators alone use so much energy, they can account for 15% of a home’s consumption! Look into Energy Star options for savings.

As we’ve said before here at the Buy Owner Blog, green living is not only good for you while you live in your home, but it’s also beneficial for resale. Implement these simple tips to be on your way to a greener kitchen and therefore a greener home!