1. Money. Because there are no commissions to be paid, there’s more money going in your pocket, not to a broker.
2. Motivation. Rather than being one in a long list of clients an agent represents, your home will be marketed by you, the one person most motivated to see it sell!
3. Better Pricing. Because you don’t need to factor in extra money for commissions, you have more flexibility to price your home competitively.
4. Your Knowledge. You know your home best, having lived there and installed updates, maintained features, etc.
5. Your Experience. Having lived in your neighborhood, you know it better than anyone! Who else can talk from first-hand experience about the schools, the shopping, the area’s amenities?
6. Control. You choose the marketing, you choose the photos, you choose the descriptions and features. When you are selling your home on your own, you have complete control over all the advertising.
7. Convenience. Because you already live in your home, it makes sense for you to be the one to show it to buyers.
8. Peace of Mind. When you handle the sale of your home, there’s no need to worry about what your agent is saying or how the buyers are responding. You’ll be part of the transaction, and you’ll have the comfort of knowing everything that’s going on.