curb appeal

Remember when you were a house hunter? You may have driven through neighborhoods to get a feel for the types of homes in the area or how close they were to schools, shopping, highways. And right after location, the #1 thing you were noticing was how the place looked outside.

When done right, curb appeal has the power to pull potential buyers in, implying that the interior of your home will be just as impressive as the façade. When done wrong, it can turn buyers away and eliminate any interest they had.

So what can you do to improve your property’s curb appeal? Here are eight quick areas to work on:

  1. Landscaping: A manicured lawn, trimmed bushes and thriving flowers can do wonders for a home’s overall appearance. Don’t have time to plant? Potted plants can be just as beautiful, set near the entryway or on a front porch.
  2. Driveway: Repair any cracks or stains in your driveway and look for ways to upgrade it such as adding flagstones or staining the concrete.
  3. Exterior/Façade: Repair any damages to your home’s façade, and give it a fresh coat of paint, if applicable. Another important thing to notice is the condition of your gutters: do they need to be cleaned or replaced? Now is the time!
  4. Front Door: Sometimes a fresh coat of paint or new staining can dramatically improve the look of your entry; choose a color that will pop, and you turn your front door into a real focal point. Other updates include new hardware, new house numbers and/or a new outdoor light fixture. Maybe even add a wreath!
  5. Roof: A new roof isn’t just good for curb appeal; it also is vital for the weatherproofing and insulating of your home. A quality roof can actually reduce heating and cooling costs, which is a benefit that communicates easily to buyers. Plus, for information on green roofing options, see this Buy Owner Blog article!
  6. Lighting: Landscape lighting heightens the drama of your home’s curb appeal by adding ambiance. Consider using solar lighting for a green option!
  7. Mailbox: Ideally, your mailbox should complement the rest of your home’s style and be in mint condition. To dress yours up, consider fresh paint or new staining, depending on its materials.
  8. Decorative features: From seasonal flags to attractive birdbaths or sculptures, there are many options for completing your home’s look. One goal to keep in mind is symmetry.