When looking for a new home, do you cross off houses because it’s hard to imagine what to do with extra space? Perhaps it’s time to lose that viewpoint and realize that a blessing has been bestowed upon you! Don’t leave the spare space empty and definitely don’t fall into the common rut of using it as a catch-all for junk and clutter. There are plenty of ways to turn a spare room into something you can use. To prove it, here are a dozen ideas for making the most of your extra room:

1. An Office is a popular option. Whether you work from home or just spend a lot of time online, a private office space offers you a quiet area designated for that use. To create an office, add a spacious desk to become the room’s centerpiece. The most efficient desk will include abundant shelving space for a printer, files, books and office supplies. Add a couch or table area to the room for a relaxing break from work or for an open writing space.

2. A Guest Bedroom is another practical idea. Fill this room with the same type of furniture found in other bedrooms, all in neutral colors and designs to fit any age or personality. To offer the most comfortable stay possible, opt to provide a bowl of mints, a pile of fresh towels or a stack of magazines. Right before guests arrive, clean the room from top to bottom for a fresh appearance each time.

3. A Library is the perfect option for a quiet escape into a peaceful atmosphere. If reading is one of your favorite activities, why let your beloved manuscripts collect dust in boxes? Add wall-to-wall bookshelves filled with your favorite novels, poetry or short stories. Include the most comfortable chairs or couches for the coziest read you’ll ever experience. If writing is your thing, provide a table with paper, a typewriter or a computer. With your favorite books surrounding you, finding motivation will never be a problem.

4. A Game Room offers optimal entertaining space. Did you always want an old-fashioned Pac Man machine but could never figure out where to put it? Placing these gaudy items in a spare room will keep them away from everyday view and create the perfect atmosphere for fun time! Hang up pictures of your favorite athletes or the logos of your favorite teams. Add shelves for board games or supplies for pool/ping pong tables. The fun space you always dreamed for is now possible.

5. A Media Room is ideal for those who continually keep up with the latest technologies that become available. Turn this space into an electronic lover’s dream with an enormous flat-screen TV, a surround sound system, a high-impact stereo or a massive videogame arena. Don’t worry about chords visibly extending through other rooms or loud sounds inconveniencing others. Load it all into one room for the best movie or videogame experience of your life.

6. A Social Room is an option for those of you who love to hang out with friends and catch up on each other’s lives. For a mature atmosphere, create a wine cellar. Wine cellars no longer need to be hidden away in basements. Design with French décor, add wine shelves along the walls and place chic furniture to relax in. If wine isn’t your thing, build a bar inside the room with electric hookups and bar stools. Add a TV to watch sports games or include a refrigerator for snacks and drink options that everyone will enjoy.

7. A Fitness Room is a modern approach now that most weight-lifting equipment and workout machines are available to purchase. Why waste time joining a gym when you can create one in your own home? Set up your favorite machines, such as a treadmill or an elliptical, and maintain an open area. Add a stereo system, a TV or a stack of magazines to keep you entertained while you burn calories. Decorate with photos of your favorite athletes or with pictures of summer beaches. These will motivate you to keep at it!

8. A Pet Room is ideal for someone trying to sell a home or for someone who wants to keep a new home in top-notch shape. A pet room keeps your furry friends away from expensive furniture, but it also offers them room to roam! Allow caged animals to wander freely in an enclosed area or just place your dog or cat in the room when guests with allergies come over. Fill the room with pet toys, pet beds and pet litter. By keeping this clutter refined to one area, you won’t feel guilty for letting your pet take over a room.

9. A Toy Room creates a separate space for kids who come over. Instead of constantly tripping over toys around the house, enclose these youngster adventures to one room. A child will love to have his or her own space to scatter toys around freely. Decorate in bold colors or with a theme, such as clowns, dolls or ninjas!

10. If you enjoy scrapbooking on a regular basis, fill a Hobby Room with ribbons, glitter, poster board, cutouts, photos, you name it! Don’t worry about making a mess when you put aside a space just for that. Is keeping up with old acquaintances your favorite pastime? Scatter photos around the room and create a comfortable setting for writing letters or talking on the phone. Do you enjoy constructing ships in a bottle, architectural ideas or interior design projects? Fill the room with the supplies and space you need.

11. A Meditation Room is a supreme idea for someone who carries an abundance of stress with him or her on a daily basis. Sometimes you just need to let loose and forget about everything, but perhaps you don’t know how. Create a serene, peaceful atmosphere filled with soft aromas, candles, fruit, wine, chocolate or anything that helps you relax. Whether it’s playing a CD with ocean sounds or just lounging on a pile of plush pillows, create the perfect atmosphere to become stress-free.

12. A You Room is for those who can’t decide which idea suits them most. Perhaps you enjoy socializing, reading and working out. You can create a combo room with a roll-up yoga mat, a stereo for fitness and pleasure, a sitting area and a shelf of books! You can also use this room to display your proudest accomplishments. Decorate shelves with bowling trophies, hang published paintings or display jewelry that you made from scratch. If you just want a “feel good” room to relax in whenever your spirits need a rising, fill the space with photo albums, objects collected from nature or photographs of your favorite city.