Sleigh bells ring… are you listening? Happy Holidays from Buy Owner! Continuing our Green Decorating series, Buy Owner is here to help you spread some holiday cheer in a more eco-friendly manner. Not only are these suggestions healthier for the planet, but they are also more affordable. So get ready to break out those red and, more importantly, green decorations!

Reuse, don’t renew
Tons of people use the same holiday decorations year after year. Maybe you put a wooden Santa sleigh on your front lawn or hang plastic candy canes on your tree. Whatever is it that you use to give the ins and outs of your home some holiday cheer, you should consider using these items more than a few times. Rather than buying the latest trends each year, reusing ornaments, wall hangings and lawn decorations is healthier for the environment.

Let those lights shine
Usually, extra lighting in your home may cost you quite a bit of money. However, stringed Christmas lights use little energy. So don’t be afraid to wrap them around an entire room, hang them from railings or even string them along window sills! Because of our world’s growing concern for the environment, most of the strands boast LED light bulbs, which are very energy efficient. And with all these charming lights strung about your home, you won’t have to use any conventional lighting, such as table lamps, lighted fans and chandeliers!

Choose edible decor
Over the years, some of your holiday decorations might break or they might even become lost. Don’t run out to buy new ones! Food writer Barbara Albright has come up with a list of fun, festive, edible decorations for Christmas trees! From angels to ornaments, your entire home can be spiced up with holiday decorations that are so sweet… you can eat them, too! And if you are looking for a centerpiece for your dinner table, a great suggestion is a gingerbread house, a warm pie or a double-layered cake. Your dessert can function as an enticing, edible centerpiece!

Create your own eco-friendly decorations
If you live in an area where the winters are cold and blustery, you may be able to find fallen tree branches and pine cones scattered about your yard or nearby forest preserves. Bring the beauty of Mother Nature into your home to create a connection between your cozy living room and your snow-covered front lawn. You could even dress up the branches with some faux (reusable) holly from a craft store. If you live in a warmer climate, small palm trees and other tropical houseplants can also be dressed up to accommodate each holiday celebration!