Saint Pattys

Everyone is Irish on St. Patrick’s Day! And when you’re surrounded with green shamrocks and décor, what could be a better time to host a green, eco-friendly gathering? Here are some ideas to help you prepare!

Send invites for a St. Patrick’s Day party via text messages or as a snazzy email or web invite. This will save paper; plus, it’s up-to-date with contemporary technology!

If serving up the typical St. Patty’s Day beverages, opt to serve organic or locally brewed beers! Holidays are a perfect time to test out new flavors, and your guests might enjoy the variety! Choose bottles over aluminum cans; aluminum uses more energy to create. Recycle the bottles. If you go out, choose a beer on tap over a bottled beverage.

The Irish savor more meals than just corned beef! Research how to create a vegetarian Guinness stew, a cabbage casserole, soda bread and potato pancakes! Again, shop locally for as many of the food ingredients as possible.

Decorate your home using household items. Create shamrocks with coffee filters or colored paper; paint rainbows on paper plates and place an empty yogurt cup at the end, full of “lucky” pennies! Use your imagination to think of more creations or research ideas online.

Fill your home with a delicate Irish scent from an organic Celtic candle. Or, just let the aroma of Irish food achieve the job!

Instead of decorating your house, decorate yourself! Wear green clothes and a shamrock button or necklace. Paint a leprechaun on your cheek. Inform your guests or those around you that you’re wearing green to support St. Patty’s Day and to support green living!

If you’re not celebrating the holiday, consider contributing money to a green charity. Celebrate the beautiful green wilderness in Ireland by finding charities that work to save these natural environments. Donating to organizations that work toward eco-friendly causes, rainforest protection or local park conservation can make a difference!