Sometimes we can see cosmetic issues in our home that, if addressed, will present a more finished look for ourselves living there or if we’re selling, for buyers considering purchasing. BUT it’s not so easy when we can also see that our bank account will not allow us to replace all the items that need a fresh look. Here are a couple simple ideas that will refresh your home without breaking the bank!

  • If you live in an area with high humidity and consistent use of central air, you may find your metal vents showing bits (or lots) of rust and loss of color. Now, buying one or two vent covers might be no big deal but when you need to replace several or the whole home, it adds up. So instead of replacing them, scrape, sand and then give them a fresh look with a paint like Rustoleum that you can easily spray on, let dry and have a great new look in a very short time for under $5!


  • Other items that you can use the same process on to give a fresh look and spend pennies:  Old ceiling fan: take apart, spray the body and the paddles updating an 80’s-90’s brass look to an updated oiled bronze, black or other trending color.  Old drawer pulls and door knobs? An hour of your time and they can look all brand new.

Walk through your home with a friend you trust to be honest and take notes on what you can update and refresh while at the same time, keeping your costs to a minimum!