Looking to easily and quickly spruce up a room? Here’s a quick tip: add a mirror!

True, the main purpose of a mirror is to reflect, whether an object or ourselves as we brush our teeth in the morning. But when used as an accent piece, mirrors have the power to create illusions and transformations! Hung appropriately, this decorative piece can instantly make a room appear brighter and larger.

Here is insider’s knowledge on the different types of mirrors:

  • Long, oval mirrors allow a short room to appear taller.
  • Wide mirrors allow a small room to appear wider.
  • Floor-to-ceiling or wall-to-wall mirrors can double the size of a room!
  • When hung parallel to a window or a light fixture, mirrors can double the natural brightness in a room. They can also double a window’s attractive view.
  • In a dark closet or basement, a mirror can act as a window by attracting the small amount of light that is available.
  • Mirrors with frames can add visual, architectural appeal. Frames are available in wood, molded polyurethane, metal, plastic, eco-friendly bamboo and just about anything.
  • Hanging mirrors can fill an empty wall, and floor mirrors can fill an empty corner.
  • Mirrors are easy to clean and almost always appear like-new.
  • According to feng shui decorating, mirrors are the symbol of water and can calm or rejuvenate a room. Depending on your mirror placement, mirrors will improve health and family in the East, wealth in the Southeast and career in the North.
  • Make sure the mirror’s placement allows it to reflect something that you wouldn’t mind seeing twice. Opt for a nice window view over a bathroom or cluttered closet view.