When you’re looking for a new home, you have a lot of options. With online marketing offering the best and fastest way to find a home, stats show that over 92% of all home searches begin online. Why is it to your advantage to purchase a home being sold by owner on BuyOwner.com?

1. View homes throughout the country from the comfort of your couch: It’s no longer unusual to move from one part of the country to another as frequently as people used to move from city to city within their ‘home’ state. But it’s costly to travel to your new location to begin to search for your new home. You may go all the way out there and not find anything and be right where you were before you left. With BuyOwner.com you can search for a home throughout the country, before you ever get on a plane or head out on a road trip. We do not limit our ads by region or state.

2. Easy access to property information: While a seller may be sleeping in New York, you, a buyer in Hawaii or California or anywhere in the world with a different time zone can be actively walking through their property online. This may give you just the advantage you need to be the first to show interest and be the next owner of that home you fell in love with online.

3. Detailed advertising: BuyOwner.com ads offer all the information you need via ample photos and text  regarding the property, community, walking scores, location benefits, area amenities, etc.  After viewing a BuyOwner.com property and reading about its features, you’ll have seen it, learned about it and have a good idea about whether it is or isn’t the type of property you’re seeking. This will save you from wasting your time physically viewing properties that don’t suit your needs or desires. If you’re also a seller, this will be a feature you’ll love as well because it will save you from wasting your time with look-e-loos.

4. No real estate commission: There are many sites you can search and our BuyOwner.com sellers have the advantage of us syndicating them to all the same sites a traditional realtor would BUT without the daunting 5, 6, or 7% commission. Why does that matter to you as a buyer? When that huge amount is eliminated from the seller’s debit column at closing, they are able to price their home more competitively which means you can get more home for less money.

5. Seller Contact Info: The listed phone number on a BuyOwner.com property as well as the email contact form connects you directly with the seller, allowing you to eliminate the middle man from the transaction. You can get all your questions answered quicker and more thoroughly by being able to ask the people who know the answers  first hand. Again, without the middle man costs, the seller will be more agreeable to negotiating a fair price.

So, why should you buy a BuyOwner.com advertised home? To ensure you’re finding and acquiring the home of your dreams that you’ll love for years to come!! And then when you’re ready to move again, you’ll be able to sell it with the same confidence as a BuyOwner.com seller!