after your ad is live

Congratulations on taking the first step towards selling your home on your own: Using Buy Owner!

As the nation’s leading FSBO company, Buy Owner offers the strength and stability of an established company, as well as the hallmark of being the most popular FSBO destination online, delivering over 10 million page views per month.

    Now that your ad is live, your home benefits from exposure to potential buyers through Buy Owner’s ultra-aggressive advertising campaign that includes:

  • An aggressively advertised toll-free number (800-771-7777)
  • Our constantly visited website,
  • Buy Owner Magazine

These resources do the hard work of getting your property exposed and marketed, so that you can get it sold!

While you’re selling with Buy Owner, you can improve your chances of selling by putting a little legwork into your sale. Check out these helpful tips from previous Buy Owner Blog articles!

  1. “Schedule an open house on a weekend afternoon when not a lot of community events are happening. Hint: don’t plan the open house on the day of a big football game or the weekend of a holiday.” 25 Extra Tricks for Drawing Buyers
  2. “By cleaning, decluttering and repairing your home, you set it ahead of the pack, and you make it easier for buyers to imagine themselves inside.” (from “Beating the Market: How to Sell Now!“)
  3. “If there’s one keyword to keep in mind when you’re planning a home showing, it’s this: detail…When you prepare for a home showing, you’re preparing your home in a very similar way. Just like your vehicle needs to smell good, look good, be in absolute mint condition, so should your home be when potential buyers come to call.” (from “The Key to Showing Well: Detailing”)
  4. “When done right, curb appeal has the power to pull potential buyers in, implying that the interior of your home will be just as impressive as the façade.” (from “8 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal“)