As we move into Autumn and our summer flowers are starting to wither into dormancy or just outright dying, adding the deep oranges, rusts and mustard yellows to your landscape can give your curb appeal the boost it needs.  Mums are a great choice because you can get several different rich colors and types to blend into a dynamic foray of Autumn colors. If you don’t have the time or style of landscape to plant the mums, use potted ones just as effectively, either individually or grouped together.

If you’re selling, try to keep what you’re adding seasonal but not “holiday focused” such as halloween decorations. If you are a die hard Halloween decorator, keep it limited to the day before and only on Halloween. Then pull it down and focus on getting sold!

If you’re lucky enough to have nature screaming autumn around your home and you’re How-Much-Is-A-View-Worththinking of selling, DO IT NOW!! The most effective and cost effective landscaping you could hope for!