Current home sellers are all facing the same issue: pricing their homes. With real estate values down, another concern for sellers is how much renovation they should perform on their houses. Upgrades are expensive, but fortunately, a recent Chicago Tribune article offers home owners and sellers positive information. The basics are roaring back into style!

Though top-of-the-line kitchens remain popular, an intense remodeling might make yours appear way more upscale than the rest of the home. Aside from that, sleek materials like granite can cost four times as much as the more basic materials!

Though the basics are back in style, they aren’t what they used to be. The colors and styles of laminate or Formica countertops and linoleum or vinyl flooring are plentiful! You can even opt for laminate countertops that visually look like textured granite, but cost a fraction of the price. You can also purchase the basic materials in long lengths for fewer seams, and you can construct an under-mounted sink with no overlap.

Not only is laminate more stylish than ever, and still the cheapest choice, but it also lasts longer than before. Same goes for vinyl and linoleum flooring, now with their colors and patterns soaking all the way through the material instead of just on the top.

These basic materials are also made of sustainable materials, adding just one more perk to these ever-lasting favorites.

If your home needs a renovation, why not offer a new home buyer a basic, longer-lasting option that doesn’t sink you into debt?

For more facts and ideas on basic countertops and flooring, read the rest of the article here.