After the holidays come to a close and the decorations are neatly restored into boxes, our homes tend to appear emptier and drabber. There are no more strings of multicolored lights, sparkly tinsel and fuzzy Santa hats to brighten our spirits. Though this drab feeling will pass with time, and you’ll soon remember what you love about your year-round décor, why not add a bold touch here and there? Little additions to your home’s winter décor will add just enough flare to beat the winter blues!

Add throw rugs, pillows, vases or other miscellaneous knickknacks in warm, earthy tones that will increase the energy of a room. These tones will lift your mood by reminding you of the warmer days ahead. When those warmer days arrive, your décor will already be ready for them!

• Hang a new piece of framed artwork on your wall. Anything new to your eyes will lift your spirits. Opt to hang a framed picture of your family or friends, from over the holiday season, to remind you of the good times you shared.

• Go shopping at an antique store, a thrift store or a flea market for small and affordable finds. You can add flare to your home without feeling guilty for shopping post-holidays.

Switch your winter, holiday candle scents with fragrances that will remind you of spring, the season of rebirth. Choose floral favorites or an ocean/rain aroma.

Purchase some herbs to plant in indoor pots, and set the pots on a windowsill or near a window. The herbs will provide natural fragrances and a healthy addition to meals. When summer arrives, bring the pots outside!

Replace heavy curtains with light, airy alternatives. These will allow the short hours of sunlight to stream inside, and it will remind you of warm summer breezes to come.

Drape blankets and throws over your couches and chairs to add new patterns to a room and to have on hand during blistering cold nights. Also, keep fresh logs of wood in the fireplace for a quick strike of a match!

During winter clearance sales, score some visually appealing mugs and some convenient hot chocolate, tea or coffee mixes. Place packets of hot chocolate or tea inside the mugs, and use these sets as a centerpiece that is easy to reach!

Before you know it, you’ll be hanging red hearts and Cupids around your house while you nibble on chocolates. After that, spring will be here before you know it!