Though the sun still shines for extra hours and the heat still soaks into our tanned skins, August is a transition month that forces us to remember summer doesn’t last forever. Before your turn on the heat and search for last year’s Halloween decorations, here are 10 final green living tips for an ideal summer season.

  1. The air outside is warm and breezy. Because August tends to be a relatively dry month in many areas, use this opportunity to give your dryer a break while line drying your clothes outside. No matter how silly you think it looks, it saves an immense amount of energy, and your clothes smell fresh and clean! If you’re selling your home, take them down before snapping photographs of the yard.
  2. During the sun’s peak afternoon hours, it’s a smart idea to close the blinds and not allow the A/C to escape. However, the sun begins to head downward around 5 p.m., and it stays bright out until well past 8! During these hours, open your shades and use only natural light for as long as you can.
  3. Any night that provides a temperature in the 70s or lower, open your bedroom windows. Hopefully you don’t have your air conditioner set any lower than 70, and the air won’t kick on. Reclose the windows in the morning and enjoy the unstuffy air!
  4. As we’ve stressed in past articles, ceiling fans use hardly any energy. Even so, they can significantly cool a room and keep the air circulated. To save energy usage, turn up the A/C temperature setting, or open the doors, and allow the ceiling fan to do its job. If you haven’t installed fans yet, consider it. They help lower the risen heat in the winter too.
  5. Come spring, you probably spent hours outside trying to trim, wash or stain your outdoor oasis. Now that summer’s end is in sight, spend as much time as you can on your patio, deck or lanai. Months from now, you’ll look back and feel satisfied about how much use it received.
  6. While the air is sticky and hot, replace some of your hot showers with a cool shower! For the utmost comfort and energy savings, close the air-conditioning vent in the bathroom before taking a shower. You’ll save hot water, you’ll help cool the rest of your rooms, and you’ll feel even more refreshed!
  7. If you’re area is receiving less rainfall this month, use the time that you’re not mowing the lawn to trim those stray tree branches and bushes. Though lush, green lawns are visually appealing, it’s natural for lawns to lose some of that vibrancy in the dryer months.
  8. Start planning now for the months ahead. If you have a pool in a cold area, decide when you will empty the water. If it’s warm year-round, decide when you’ll need a new pump, a new auto-cleaner or new siding. If you’re trying to sell the home, make sure you’re constantly prepared.
  9. Work on decluttering all year, including now. When transitioning from one season to another, it’s easy for items to pile up. With each sweater or jacket you take out of storage, replace it with a pair of shorts or sandals. Before you dig your rake out of the shed, prepare you lawn mower for hibernation.
  10. With so many farmers’ markets available at this time of year, cook meals with locally grown and bought foods. If you’re selling your home, use these fresh ingredients in simple appetizers that you can offer at an open house. Then, explain to your potential buyers that they came from a local source. Just one more perk to add to your home’s list!