Statistics show that for the past few years, home sales have increased in the month of April. It seems to be the turning point between winter and summer, when homebuyers finally decide that it is safe to move. It is the time between snowfalls and swimming, which is the perfect time to get a sale done with and still have an open schedule for summer events! With that said, you as a home seller need to be doing everything you can to spark buyer interest in your home. Now is your time to shine!

To help you out during this busy buying month, and to hopefully score you a sale, we have collected what we consider our most helpful Selling Tips blogs from our archives. Read up and get to work!

When preparing to sell:

Improve Selling Potential with Inexpensive Updates
Hosting an Auction
How to Sell Fast
Staying Positive In a Slow Market
Selling for the Season: Spring

When showing your house:

Preparing for Surprise Showings
8 Ways to Improve Curb Appeal
8 Tips for Accepting a Bid
Staging for Summer
Prepare for a Spring Open House

When stepping it up a notch:

5 New Ways to Change Your Game
Top 3 Selling Mistakes
Don’t Get Caught with Two Homes
25 Surefire (and Cheap!) Ways to Sell that House!
Top 10 Home-Marketing Tips

If you’re still not sure whether you want to use Buy Owner to help you sell, here are 31 reasons why you should.