Congratulations, you just bought your very first house! What do you do now?

If your home is completely empty, you will obviously need to furnish the place. Whether you have a few pieces from your apartment/condo/dorm or you don’t have anything at all, you cannot expect to fill an entire house right away. It is too costly to purchase enough furniture and decorative accents for each room in your house.

Buy Owner has some tips for furnishing that brand-new abode:

1. Make a budget. How much should you spend? First, budget for the essentials and break down your budget room by room. You need a place to sit in the living room, a place to eat in the kitchen and a place to rest your head in the bedroom. Budget for a couch, a table, a few chairs and a bed. An entertainment center, a wet bar, end tables and a recliner will be part of the next step later.

2. Consider used furniture. People may offer you some hand-me-downs or you may even be able to spot some good deals at garage/yard sales. But remember: don’t let anyone force a piece on you. If you don’t like it, or it doesn’t fit in with the style of a given room, you will regret accepting the piece later, even if it is free.

3. Buy for the future. Say you are ready to furnish the dining room. Even if there are only two of you living in the house, you may want to purchase a table that comes with an extender. You never know if you might need a bigger table for party guests or even if more people move in with you. This mentality goes for all rooms, as you want to be comfortable for as long as you live in the house.

Furniture shopping should not be a hassle. While your home may not be fully furnished the same day you move in, you can personalize each space with pictures, flowers and many other inexpensive items you may already own. Chances are, you will be living in your first home for awhile. So take your time and budget your money.