Many people want to sell their home without the cost of using a Realtor. But they question their ability to do so successfully. Let’s address some of the most commonly asked questions and then you decide if the benefits of marketing is the best option for you.

Q:  Can I effectively price my home so that it is not too much or too little?                                 A:   Yes. Just like an agent or appraiser can do, you can search the internet for comparable properties that have sold in your area. You can search the average price/sf homes have and are selling for in your area and create a base price for your home. Then, based on what the comps offer (they have granite, you don’t… have a 3 car garage, they have 2…etc) and add or subtract for your price. Don’t know what the value of granite upgrades in your area are worth? Again, do an online search for that information. With all the shows on HGTV, DIY Network and many other sites, you will be able to glean that sort of information. Aftr all that, if you still are unsure of where your home should be priced, you might consider having an appraisal done. This may cost a few hundred $$ but will be less than the cost of a listing commission and may help you maximize your profit once sold.

Q:  Should I be afraid of showing my home myself?                                                                     A:   This is a total personal decision. If you are fearful of walking people through your home, then selling on your own is probably not your best option. If you are not fearful but unsure of how to show your home, go to our blog entry, “The Effective Walk Through” and make yourself familiar with the process and then decide if you feel comfortable doing so. Remember, no one knows your home better than you. If you can share the benefits without overwhelming your prospective buyer with your emotions, then go for it!

Q:  Should I expand my exposure into the MLS,, and other sites?                     A:  That depends on your own personal goals regarding exposure., due to its 34 years of branding, enjoys a high level of buyers actively searching for their dream homes so you definitely have the chance of finding a buyer who is shopping on their own and this will save you both listing and selling agents commissions. MLS syndication in addition to and available with your advertising blasts your home out to hundreds of websites so that no matter where your buyer is searching, if your home matches their search, they will find you. Want to be sold yesterday (like so many sellers do) then maximizing your exposure will be your best option.

Q:  If I do include MLS syndications, do I have to offer buyers agents a commission?        A:  Yes. You are placing your home in the realtors database and therefore must offer buyers agents some compensation for bringing you a buyer. You can decide what that will be, but when deciding, keep in mind that the buyer’s agent will be creating, presenting & negotiating the buyer’s offer to you, making sure their buyer does what they need to do to get their financing locked in, inspections ordered and documents to the Title Company for closing. The buyer’s agent will not be paid unless your deal gets to closing so they will be hopefully do their job professionally and efficiently. Good for you and your buyer. All of that said, you can decide what is fair based on the selling value of your home. You are selling by owner in order to take more of your equity with you vs giving it to an agent at closing.

Q:  Can I use my own photos for the ad?                                                                                         A:   Yes and perhaps, no. If, when you look at your photos, you comment, “They’re ok…they’re fine”  then definitely use the professional photography options available from Or, if you have someone you know who can take excellent photos, then have them do it. Your photos are your first impression on your prospective buyers. If they don’t like your photos, they are moving on to the next home. Photograph your entire home. Buyers are not interested in being teased as was the case a few years back. They want to walk through your home before they will physically walk through your home. Make it such a great online walk through that they can’t help but come and see it in person!  Your Marketing Consultant will assist you with creating a great photo portfolio even if you are using your own photos instead of the professional.

Q:  Do I have to hire a lawyer to complete the selling process?                                                   A:   This answer is multi-layered. First, you should check for what the laws are in your state and if they require you to have a lawyer at closing. If so, then, yes you must. If they don’t require it but the Title Company agents do not conduct the closing but rather put you in a room with the buyers and their lawyer and all the documents, then you might definitely want to have your own lawyer there to make sure that you don’t experience any surprises at the closing when your goal is to hand over the keys and move on.  If you are someone who deals with contracts all the time (builder, developer, landlord, paralegal) or many other professions where you are comfortable reviewing and understanding contracts, then you may choose to handle it yourself. This may be one of the most important decisions you make, so consider doing a pros and cons list and then decide.

Q:  How will using help me sell my home for maximum profit in minimum time with the least amount of fear?                                                                                                  A:  One of the best advantages of choosing vs other for sale by owner companies on the internet is that not only do you have all the benefits of saving money, you have all the advantages of selling on your own but not by yourself. As a full service marketing company with providing customer care agents and Personal Marketing Consultants with extensive real estate experience (averaging 14-20+ years) working with you from start until the property has sold, you can move forward with confidence!