As we move into the Labor Day weekend, we put away our white pants (maybe) and pull on our favorite football team’s sweatshirt & hunker in for autumn. If we update ourselveorange-leavess for the new season, what can we do to roll our marketed home over as well? You don’t want your home to scream, “I’ve been on the market since spring” so follow these few steps to reap an Autumn harvest of your home being sold!

  • Remove all your dying summer annuals (that you’ve been dead heading to get them to last longer) and replace them with colorful mums. The great thing about mums is that they come in many colors so you can choose those that blend best with your home’s extrior.
  • Replace your summer plaques, wind chimes, doormats and other exterior decor with autumn focused items.pumpkinFALL
  • Don’t break your bank buying ‘special’ autumn decor. Use pumpkins and colorful squash to create charming, attractive ‘curb appeal’ near your home’s entryway.
  • When showing your home, light a couple of pumpkin scented candles or use fragrance plug-ins. It’s been proven that the pumpkin scent is very inviting, calming and creates positive sensory reactions.  Nothing feels like home than the smell of a pumpkin pie on Thanksgiving. You don’t need to bake a pie…just provide the fragrance.
  • Another great wthanksgivingay to add the autumn fragrance into your home is to have a pot of hot apple cider with cinnamon sticks simmering on the stove…mmmm…nice!


Again, don’t break the bank just to change the season. Sow simple seeds to reap a bountiful harvest!!