INWelcome to the Crossroads of America!  Right in the center of the Midwest, the city of Indianapolis serves as a midway point between several cities, including Louisville, Chicago, Cincinnati and Saint Louis.

Indianapolis is the 13th largest city in the U.S. and is fast-growing as a result of revitalization, combined with an attitude all its own. It’s situated on the original East-West road in the country, where the city’s crossroads have made suburban access surprisingly easy compared to other cities of its size.

Several universities are located within Indianapolis, such as Butler University, Indiana University-Purdue and the University of Indianapolis. With a vibrant academic community, this city has overcome its roots in the Rust Belt and has built a thriving economy in the media and service economy.

At the center of this revitalized economy is a growing interest in the history and tourism within the city; the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, for example, is one of the oldest in the city, and much development in the city has been directed around this prized historical monument. The White River has also been a desirable district to live around, with the White River State Park offering some serenity in the midst of the urban landscape.

Filled with countless racing fans, this city is a hotbed for amateur and college sports. Home of the Indiana Pacers, Indianapolis boasts a rich sports history and culture, with basketball, football, and racing as a true pride of the city. The widely successful Indianapolis Colts have put Indianapolis on the map yet again, and sports are a significant part of this vast city’s urban economy.

With over 650 square miles of land, Indianapolis boasts an area larger than New York City and Chicago, and it has plenty to offer from end to end.

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