Kansas City offers a lifestyle as good as its food: exciting, sizzling and original! World-renowned for its legendary barbeques and steaks, this city offers no shortage of attractions, from a thriving music scene with countless live performances and hopping blues and jazz clubs to a rich cultural landscape, with the Kansas City Symphony and the Lyric Opera headlining impressive shows.

There’s no better place to experience Kansas City than the Country Club Plaza, 14 square blocks of outdoor retail and entertainment, set amongst Spanish architecture, European art and cascading fountains. Designed in 1922, the Plaza features both high-end boutiques and national chains, along with abundant dining options.

In this city of more than 150 neighborhoods, the buzzing downtown serves as center of everything. It’s currently undergoing a major redevelopment and includes wide boulevards, beautiful parks, interesting architecture and more than 200 fountains. Swope Park is one of the country’s largest in-city parks, more than double the size of New York’s Central Park! You won’t have to look far for new restaurants or fantastic nightlife in this city, which is filled with all that plus luxury hotels, professional sports, museums and more!

Add to all of Kansas City’s conveniences and charm a rich history filled with Civil War battles and national landmarks, and you have a city like none other!

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