The City of Brotherly Love welcomes you! As the sixth most populous city in the U.S., Philly is a city rich with American history, with food, culture and Colonial architecture to match.

It’s situated on the Delaware River, providing several homes and businesses with waterfront property, while a vibrant industrial economy churns beyond the waterway. Philadelphia is also the northernmost city that falls in the humid subtropical region, allowing for very modest winters and spectacular summer months.

Each Philadelphia neighborhood boasts its own unique charm, with stately Victorian-style homes next to contemporary showcases, colonial row houses and city skyscrapers. 

PhillyFantastic bars are never far away. With a vibrant nightlife and cuisine that could only come from a place like Philly: try the local water ice, a local delicacy, after you gorge yourself on a world-famous Philly Cheesesteak. After that, you can take a walk by the riverside, or through the beautiful, historical campus of the University of Pennsylvania.  As one of the finest college towns in the country, Philadelphia offers an academic atmosphere coupled with industry and innovation.

Two major lines of transportation, the Septa and the Patco systems, provide service to the surrounding suburbs, as well as the nearby hub of New York City.

Philadelphia has the third oldest public rail line in the country, while the city itself was designed with wide roads and open spaces, in order to imitate an English country garden. While there are few country gardens to be seen today, there is plenty to experience in this significant piece of American heritage.

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