save moneyMaximum impact for minimum cost: that’s what you want when you’re preparing your home for sale, and that’s what these budget-friendly renovations offer. Simple, inexpensive and often easy, these low-cost, high-impact changes are worth considering.


All of your home’s strong points will be overshadowed by dirty, cluttered rooms. In fact, most buyers will be immediately turned off by a house in disarray. Radically improving your home’s appeal, a thorough cleaning makes all the difference. If you have the time and ability, scrub, polish and organize everything from top to bottom; this will cost very little and dramatically change the perceived value! No clutter can stay! Another alternative would be to hire professional cleaners to take care of things; it may cost a little bit, but it would be worth it. This is one area you cannot afford to overlook!


Simple maintenance can go a long way towards improving your home, not just inside but out. Trim your bushes, weed the plants and mow the lawn. Plant some fresh flowers in the front. These little touches will improve the first impression on your buyers, and that will make it all worthwhile.


See this article for more specifics on staging your home. All told, simple rearrangement and strategic display can revolutionize the way your home looks to buyers. The goal is to get them to fall in love, to have to have your property. Staging can make that happen.


Repainting the interior walls of your home is the surest way to improve its appearance, quickly and at low cost. Compare a white-walled, sterile doctor’s office with a cozy, neutrally painted coffee shop, and you’ll see the impact of different shades of color. Few things transform your home’s feel more quickly or inexpensively.


Consider your options, and determine the least costly, most impacting change. If your carpeting has stains and common wear and tear, replace it; also choose quality padding. If your hardwood flooring has scuffs, have it polished or refinished. You may also consider replacing the floor altogether with a laminate or faux wood.


Quality lighting makes all the difference to atmosphere, that intangible feel that draws potential buyers. Replace burnt-out bulbs and install higher-wattage ones. Keep your curtains open, so sunshine can stream inside. Update your fixtures: it’s simple and often inexpensive. Improvements that especially mean dollar signs to buyers: recessed lighting, stainless steel fixtures and brushed nickel details.

Think about these small details, and you’ll find a dramatic difference in your home’s showability. Buyers will notice, and you’ll reap the benefits.