oasisIf you are a homeowner, chances are you’ve heard the term “backyard oasis” before. Backyards have become a big selling point for people looking to purchase a home. Whether you are going to be selling your home or you just want to enjoy your yard to its full potential, here are some pointers for creating a relaxing backyard retreat.

All decked out

A backyard deck offers the perfect place to entertain guests. Consider adding a wood deck or a brick or concrete patio, or expanding an existing one.

Under the weather

Cover your patio or deck with a roof or enclose it with a screen so you will be able to enjoy it all year long, even when it’s raining outside.

On the fence

A fence can add privacy as well as decorative flair. Instead of a basic wood fence, try something like an aluminum fence, but make sure that it complements your decorating scheme.

Keep ‘em separated

Use plants, curtains, screens, or even furniture to create separate spaces that flow together. Each area should serve an individual purpose while still being part of the bigger picture.

Force of nature

Work with nature, not against it. Strategically place a pond where the sun will hit it, not hidden under trees where it will be buried by leaves and debris.

Lighten up

Lighting is a key aspect of ambiance, but don’t go overboard. Use dim lighting for elegance or illuminate a plant or a tree for a more dramatic effect.

Flower power

Decorate your yard with an assortment of colorful flowers and vibrant plants, and, if you have a green thumb, plant a garden. Find out what plants will flourish in your location.

On the level

Installing a hot tub or an inground pool so that it is level with a surrounding deck will create consistent lines. An aboveground pool can be buried in the ground for the same effect.

Fire it up

Adding a grill or a fire pit will make your yard an ideal cooking and entertaining space. Also consider outdoor heaters, which will allow you to utilize your oasis in cooler weather.

If this all sounds great but a little beyond your budget, don’t worry. This can be done on any price plan! The key to a creating a backyard paradise is to make it a luxurious yet functional escape.  First make sure there is plenty of comfortable seating available. Then pick the features that appeal the most to you, and forget about the others. Even the smallest thing will help create the perfect atmosphere for relaxing or entertaining.