After your have chosen the kinds of plants you would like to flourish in your vision of a garden, it’s time to make the dream a reality!

Planting Your Garden

The most ideal time of day to plant your garden is morning. The fresh dew makes the soil easy to handle, and the sun is not at its hottest until later in the day. However, it would also be easier to plant on an overcast day.

There are several steps you need to take when planting your gorgeous garden.

  • Water the plants in their pots before you remove them.
  • Remove one plant at a time. You don’t want to take them all out of the pots at once and risk drying them out.
  • Bury the plants the same way they were situated in the pots.
  • Water your newly planted garden when you are completely finished.

Maintaining Your Garden

  • Make sure that your garden gets at least an inch of water every week.
  • If you get plenty of rainfall, do not water your garden by hand. You will risk flooding the garden.
  • If there seems to be too much rain, you may want to purchase plant covers from your local nursery to keep them from getting too much water.
  • Weeds will grow. Get rid of them!
  • Removing dead bulbs from your garden will prolong the life of the rest of plants.
  • If your favorite flowers do not survive, move on and plant something else. The possibilities are endless!

Enjoying Your Garden

Stop and smell the roses! Don’t get caught up in all that planting and weeding. Take a step back and enjoy what you have accomplished. Not only are you beautifying your neighborhood by creating a lovely garden, but you are creating something spectacular and pleasurable for yourself. After your hard work, it’s time to sit back, relax and appreciate your completed garden.