Kitchens are all about cabinets, storage and counter space. If your cabinet count is low but you have a small alcove in your kitchen that is not deep enough for extra cabinets try placing a bakers rack (like this one from the Container Store) as a creative alternative.  Showcase your dishes, platters, pitchers, cookie jars….all the pieces of your most attractive set and then, if Bakers Rackyou choose, use the hooks to add the shimmer of your stainless or copper pans as a highlight.

Another option is to use a sofa table with storage underneath or some shelves and some baskets. You can purchase these in several depths allowing you to accommodate an area as shallow as 11 inches to a more typical size of 14 inches. Stores like Homegoods, TJMaxx, Target and others offer many options. Don’t hesitate to check out clearance rooms in furniture stores as well. Even more cost effective, check out a resale store and paint to match your decor so it looks like it was custom made for that spot. Showcase this as a buffet for serving guests by placing cookies and water for your ‘guests’ at Open Houses or viewings.  Also expose it as a great place to store everyday or rarely used items on the lower shelves and in baskets, again creating an uncluttered appearance yet letting their mind realize there are options for extra ‘cabinet’ and counter space.

You can sometimes find thitems like this that will fit perfectly within the area you’re trying to fill (again looking like it was custom made for the space) and create a beautiful display to be both admired and functional while keeping your cost to a minimum.