What do you do when you’re selling your home and storage space is limited creating a less than orderly appearance in several areas of your home?  Or maybe you’re buying your dream home that offers you everything you seek except  storage space is a challenge. You can purge a lot of items but that’s not always a viable solution. You can rent a storage container but the monthly fee can get costly. OR you can maximize your storage while minimizing your cost to do so by thinking outside the box and using every day low cost items for something other than what they were designed.

  • Look no further than the back of your linen closet or laundry closet door. Purchase an inexpensive over the door plastic shoe bag and Storage-Cleaning Suppliesstart filling it up. Not only does everything stay neater, they are more easily accessible when you need them and can be completely hidden away by simply closing the door.
  • Bakers RackDon’t have a lot of Kitchen cabinet space? Make them look roomier by displaying your prettiest dishes and pans on a Baker’s rack. This creates more space within your cabinets while also adding to your staging in a positive way.
  • Add baskets to an existing piece of furniture which not only looks nice but is helpful for last minute showings giving you thsome place to throw items you want to clear from tables or the floor.
  • HOME INTERIOR 006 - CopyAdd 12″ cabinets above your standard    30″ cabinets creating the high desire     42″  height while providing lots of extra storage room for Kitchen items you don’t need a lot but are adding clutter to your base cabinets.


Simply put, before you throw in the towel or determine you just can’t afford to fix your storage dilemma, stop and think creatively. The only problem might be that now that you minimized your mess and maximized your storage, you might not want to sell anymore. That’s ok…Enjoy!!