Image of hardwood floors

As part of our continued efforts to bring you helpful information on home ownership, this is part two of a four-part series on sprucing up your home on a budget! First, we looked at ceilings; today, think about your floors! With a little bit of creativity, you might be surprised at how they change your home’s look! 

No matter what type of floor covering you display in any room, a throw rug could add a color scheme that overlaps with the room’s overall style. Whether you place it on wood, vinyl, tile or even short carpeting, this throw rug presents personal elements to the room and adds a unique style. So many colors, shapes and designs can be found for area rugs. Your options are endless!

Floor cloths originated in France and are gaining popularity here. Because they are made of cloth, they are thin enough to create a custom shape and design, yet they are sturdy and flat enough to be placed under a table or under chairs. You can buy floor cloths premade and ready-to-use, or you can buy a plain cloth and design it yourself! These cloths can be painted, cut into shapes and designed to your personal liking. If you love art and creativity, this is the perfect cheap project for you to partake in.

What your floor may need is just a good cleaning! Whether it’s had years of usage or it’s all dusty from a recent move, your flooring may benefit from polishing that hardwood, washing that carpet or scrubbing your vinyl. Try to find cheap cleaning supplies that get the job done. Multiple green choices or homemade cleaners are available that help the environment, too.

If your floor just seems too vacant, but you can’t afford new furniture, add some cheap accessories to take up space and highlight certain features of the room. If you’re decorating a Florida room or lanai, add floor plants that accentuate the outdoors. If you spend much of your time in a family room or loft area that doesn’t allow much natural light in, add floor lamps that brighten the room and take up floor space. Many opportunities await your vacant area.

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