Whether you’re a new homeowner, a new home seller or someone who’s enjoyed living in the same place for decades, you probably have given some thought to decorating.  Have you considered this? Home decorating doesn’t have to cost a fortune!

To help you see creative ways to improve your home’s look, we’re bringing you this four-part series on decorating on the cheap!


To get the most out of your wall space, you must emphasize what you’re already given. For starters, take a look at your windows. Though custom window treatments are a definite advantage if you can afford them, showing off any window is a great place to start. If you own a spacious yard with landscaping, why not show it off through the window? Raise those blinds up or take those full-length curtains down to allow natural light to fill your room. The room will seem larger too with a view of the outdoors.

If your windows aren’t particularly impressive, add mirrors to your walls as décor. Mirrors come in all shapes and sizes and can really make your room seem larger. They also help a room look fancier, like a dining room. Mirrors include many advantages while taking up wall space.

To fill your walls with framed pictures, first consider what your objective is. If you are selling your home, you want to keep the pictures artistic and depersonalized. If you’ve just moved in, you probably desire more personal photos. Either way, a classy choice is cheaply framed still-life photographs. If you have gorgeous pictures of nature or skyscrapers, blow them up and frame them. Others can relate to their beauty and they’ll mean more to you because you experienced these beauties firsthand. For a 3D effect, collect items from the outdoors, such as seashells, branches or pressed flowers and organize them into a frame for an even more outdoorsy feeling.

If you own fancy or nifty dishes that you want to exhibit, display them on the wall! Hang matching sets of dishware on the wall as a sort of collage. If that’s too weird for you, exhibit them in the kitchen by replacing only a couple cabinet doors with glass doors. This will cost much less than if you were to replace all of your cabinets, and it’ll give the room a glamorous appeal while displaying your favorite dishes proudly.

  • TIP: If you already have a lot displayed on your walls and it feels like too much, take it all down. Find an open space in your home and lay everything out on the floor. By doing so, you may notice two items that coincide well with each other but were displayed in separate rooms. Some items might look worn to you when looking at them close up. Other items might work better as a centerpiece instead of cluttered between other objects. A whole new perspective can come from redisplaying old objects.

If it’s an overall paint job that needs work, take one room at a time. This way, you can concentrate on the look of each room while saving up cash for the next room. Paint offers so many options now that you’ll want to take your time deciding. Do you want a solid color or do you want a pattern? Roll it on, blotch it on, spray it on … all of these methods conclude with entirely different looks. Just don’t get too out of control or your room will end up looking like a toy room with a clown theme! Decide if you want to paint all the walls or just one wall. One wall doesn’t take long, it uses less paint/money and it accentuates the room.

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