This post wraps up our four-part series on low-cost decorating ideas.  


If you moved into a new home with your old furniture that no longer impresses you, or you’re trying to hide old furniture from the eye of potential buyers, slip covers offer the most affordable option. Slip covers are available in abundant colors, fabrics and styles that could easily match the furniture to the style of room you’re going for. A solid color that connects well with the color and style of the walls and floors is the best choice. Slip covers hide stains, holes or outdated patters at an affordable price.

Add a custom design to an accessory for an extra flair that’ll catch anyone’s eye. Sew on fabric to the front of an accent pillow that will help your furniture match the rest of the room. Buy material that flaunts a pattern you love and use it as a table cloth! Fold up little pieces of fabric into formal dining room napkins and place one at each individual seat. Or, add one strip of the material to your neutral curtains or above blinds. A little bit of patterned fabric can go a long way and can drastically emphasize the style or flow of a room.

Even if you are dealing with old furniture, just some rearranging can create a polished look. If you have an antique piece of furniture, place it in your living room or sitting room where people don’t lounge as often. This will allow it to be admired rather than worn down. If you just updated the appliances in your kitchen or added high-tech electronics to your family room, keep the most modern and chic furniture in these rooms. Even if you don’t have an expensive dining room set, place your fanciest chairs in this room or buy slip covers for them. Add a bookshelf that you no longer have room for elsewhere and use it to hold china. Wherever you move your furniture, make sure its location makes sense with its surroundings.

You can paint old furniture for a quicker, more creative and fun route. Buy stencils and carve designs into wood or draw designs into material. You might want to practice first so your stencil is perfectly placed into your furniture. A little craftiness can go a long way in helping your furniture to look updated.

As with the floors, polish wooden furniture, spray glass surfaces and dust all surfaces. Cleaning can go a long way to make your furniture look its best. You can also add lamps to tabletops to brighten up a room and add plants to make the room airier and homier. Accessories can go a long ways no matter where they are placed in the home.

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