Fall Festivals can be fun, exciting, family friendly, filled with laughter and perhaps your best way to discover some hidden gems of amenities in your brand new neighborhood. One of the great parts of Autumn is the abundance of festivals…some adult focused and some all about family. Based on your personal situation, this may be your best, informal pumpkinFALLway to meet new people in your area with shared interests and discover adult and kid activities available in your community.

ADULT focused activities may include: Oktoberfest celebrations, Craft brew festivals and bar crawls, art fairs, evening concert festivals.

FAMILY focused activities may include: Oktoberfest celebrations (many are family friendly with specific kids areas to let them enjoy the weather, music and fun), Pumpkin patches and farms where kids can choose their own pumpkins, ride horses, enjoy hay rides, play games, etc., Apple picking farms allow kids to run in the orchards and choose which apples they want, pick, bag up and then pay for…usually have hay rides out to the orchards, kid focused concerts and plays in the park, church halloween events so the kids don’t have to go door to door.

Check your neighborhood activities by joining facebook groups and sites like nextdoor, an online website that allows you to pinpoint activities in your specific neighborhood or within a chosen perimeter.

The key is using all the abundant Fall activities to acclimate and familiarize yourself with your new community while also meeting new friends for yourself and your kids!

Tip: If you’re selling, be a gracious seller and leave a list of all the community activities available in your area in your home for the new owner. They’ll appreciate it and you’ll feel great for having done such a simple, yet kind gesture for your buyer.