Have projects you’ve been wanting to do around your home, either to make it more saleable or more livable for your family? DIY (aka Do It Yourself) options might be a great way for you to save money and enjoy a sense of self-accomplishment. With internet sites like Pinterest, BH&G, HGTV and many many more, you now have the ability to determine first what you might want to do and more importantly, can you do it? From creating a linen headboard, panel and crown molding all the way up to building a back deck, you can watch detailed instructions and benefit from verbal instructions and visuals of what it should look like along the way and at the end of your process.

BUT, in reality, DIY projects are not always as cost effective or easy as they may seem. This is especially true if things like plumbing, electrical or structural issues may be involved. It’s not good enough to watch a video and say “Yeah, I can do that” without really checking into not just what can go right but what might go wrong! Even professionals fall into dilemmas of discovering electrical, HVAC or plumbing in walls that they didn’t know were there and having to reset an entire project and the cost.

Here are some tips to review and consider before deciding DIY is the way to go:

  1. Determine at the outset ALL the materials AND tools, which may include special ones that you don’t own, that will be needed to complete the task. You need to add in extra materials you may need to buy due to errors made simply because of your inexperience. You may be shocked to find that the cost you would incur + the time you would have to put in may help you determine using a professional might be the more effective and cost effective way to go.
  2. Your level of stress to complete the work, deal with the possibly longer period of time your home might be in disarray (which could be a very important distinction if you have children), costs that increase along the way AND the realization that you just can’t do it and now have the added cost of bringing in someone who can.
  3. ┬áIf you’re the type of person who gains great satisfaction from creating something for your home and having that personal touch as a part of your daily life and living space then absolutely you may be the perfect candidate to study, learn and go for creating your masterpiece. Typically, if you’re this type of person, perfection is not your end goal and that can make this a very satisfying adventure.
  4. If you determine doing this project will not only give you the experience and results you desire then you will most likely truly enjoy the process and that is a huge plus no matter how perfect the result.

Ultimately, in the end, while saving money might be your initial reason for wanting to do a project yourself, it is just as important to determine your skill set, stress set and what kind of enjoyment and satisfaction such an undertaking will bring you. When analyzing these factors the key is to be honest with yourself and then be content with whatever option you decide.