outdoor living

If you live in an area of the country with four pronounced seasons, you might think that spending money on your backyard is a waste. If you can only spend time in an outdoor oasis for half the year or less, why not stick to updating the inside of your house instead? However, right now, when the warm summer sun graces you with its presence more often than not, you might really regret not having a place to soak up the rays and breathe in the fresh air. How do you solve this dilemma?

Embrace the outdoors. Nowadays, there are so many options for updating your backyard so you can enjoy an outdoor oasis year-round! Instead of viewing your backyard as separate from your house, landscape supply companies recommend that you view your backyard as an extension of your house.

For example, instead of setting up a portable grill that you can bring outside in the summer and store away in the winter, incorporate a permanent outdoor kitchen in your backyard. Not only will the appliances be more sturdy and weatherproof, but you will also have no excuse not to use them in the winter! You can brush the snow off your patio and fire up the grill. Heat your hands over the stove while you cook up a pot of chili or some juicy steaks. On a chilly autumn night, fire up the grill and roast some marshmallows or warm up some milk for hot chocolate. It is easier to bear the cold temperatures when you have warm kitchen appliances to make the atmosphere toastier!

Not willing to spend the money for a full outdoor kitchen? Opt to build a permanent fire pit instead, which will still be readily available year-round, and which will add more rustic qualities to your outdoor experience! If you stick with a traditional grill, clear a special area for the grill and add lots of outdoor furniture around it so you have no excuse not to cook outside. Loads of manufacturing companies are coming out with new weather-resistant furniture fabrics to keep up with the outdoor furniture trend.

Also, you should incorporate as much color and variety into your backyard as possible. Choose trees that burst with flower buds in the spring and bright colors in the fall. Plant evergreens that block wind in the winter. Grow perennial flowers that will reappear each year, a little more impressive than the last year. By having foliage to look forward to year-round, it will make you more apt to spend time outdoors so that you don’t miss any particular moment in nature’s transformation!

If you keep up with current trends, this will make you more apt to enjoy time in your backyard now. Why not invite all your guests over to awe over your contemporary, chic outdoor oasis? According to flower nurseries, current trends include raised gardens or flower beds that are easier to view than flat gardens. Vegetable gardens are increasingly popular because they are everything in one: visually appealing, tasty and environmentally and economically smart! While some plants and gardens become more popular, others lose their admiration, such as ash trees and yews.

Still not convinced that you can bear the Northern or Midwest weather without some sort of shelter? No problem. Gazebos can be added to your yard within hours, and most gazebos offer window options that keep the enclosure protected from winter temperatures. Another popular option is to build a patio or deck, and then to cover half of that terrace with a screened or glass enclosure. This allows you the ability to feel like you’re enjoying time outside while remaining protected from rain and wind. Fireplaces and wood-burning stoves are popular features to add to these enclosures.

As you can see, outdoor options are seemingly endless, and the possibilities continue to increase as the popularity of spending time outdoors increases! Now is definitely the time to embrace the outdoors.