So you’ve decided to sell your home. You have prepped, cleaned, cleared, shined, landscaped, staged and done everything else you’ve been told you should do. Yet, your home is not selling. Your price is good. People are showing an interest. Everyone says it shows great and yet you wonder why isn’t anyone buying my perfect home? If all those previous items are accurate, perhaps you need to consider that you are the reason your home has not sold. Perhaps you are emotionally sabotaging the sale of your home.


____   I keep finding new projects to complete before putting my home on the market.

____   I don’t respond to calls or emails from prospective buyers promptly.

____   I find any reason for my home to not be available for showing.

____   I actually tell people more negative than positive things about my home.

____   I get defensive when other people say negative things about my home.

____   I ignore advice from people who actually know about selling homes.

____   I cry every time someone shows even the slightest interest in making an offer.

____   I often walk room to room saying, “I really love my home. It will be hard to leave.”

If you’re looking at that list and realizing that not only a couple of them apply to you but you could actually check mark every item, you might need to look in the mirror and proclaim, “I am the reason my home is not selling.”

Your next step? Think through it all and determine that either you’re not ready to sell and that’s ok. Or find some friends/family who will listen to your heart and allow you to share your sadness when necessary while at the same time helping you look to your future plans with a sense of joy and anticipation. Selling your “home” can sometimes be more difficult emotionally that it is practically. Accept that….allow yourself to feel it…..and keep your checklist handy so you can stay on top of your emotions and minimize your moments of sabotage.  Remember, leaving your house doesn’t mean leaving your home behind. You will always have your memories and those keep your home in your heart forever!