Solar Roof

In preparation for the summer, Buy Owner explained several reasons why ceiling fans are more environmentally sound than air conditioners. Continuing this trend, and to offer you further explore ways to lower cooling costs and save energy, Buy Owner has another tip for you: try solar roofing!

While solar roofing systems are costly, if you live in a particularly sunny area, you can look at this as a long-term investment. Say you spend $10,000 installing the system, but your utility bill is lowered by 30% to 50% (according to and You will actually save money over a period of 30, 20 or even 10 years!


  • Generally, solar roofing comes in panel form.
  • It is also available in shingles, tiles and sheets.
  • Solar panels are offered in all kinds of colors, and the panels may be integrated with your current roof so they are not noticeable.


  • Solar panels are very lightweight, making them easy to handle.
  • Most roofing systems do not require you to make alterations or additions to your existing roof.
  • Many solar roofing panels are interlocking, requiring zero mechanical fastening.


  • Solar roof panels generate electricity (some from 3 to 120 kilowatts).
  • Some solar roof systems can withstand winds up to 160 miles per hour!
  • South-facing sloping roofs are the most efficient, but solar roofing systems can be placed on any house.

Before you install your solar roof system, you should consult an expert. offers free estimates! Not only will the Roof101 contractors do a full inspection of your roof, but they will also inform you where and how to install the solar roofing system.