Idea Bulb When you’re selling your home with Buy Owner, your property receives a  premium marketing plan, which could include up to all of the following options (not all options available with all plans):

  • National advertising on the Buy Owner website
  • Appearance in Buy Owner Magazine
  • Talking yard sign
  • Participation in the computer matchmaking system
  • Toll-free number
  • Stunning photographs of the exterior, interior, and community
  • Descriptive text that highlights your home’s features
  • Professional, 360-degree virtual tours

Maximize the impact of your Buy Owner advertising by putting a little legwork into your sale to get the word out! Remember, goal #1 in selling your home: get your phone to ring!

DISTRIBUTE FLYERS: Print out flyers using your Buy Owner seller tools*, and distribute them everywhere you can**:

  1. Area supermarkets and stores.
  2. Cafes.
  3. Local schools.
  4. Non-profit organizations.
  5. Libraries.
  6. Laundromats.
  7. Independent booksellers.
  8. Any additional place where you can obtain permission to post!
  9. Keep flyers with you at all times, ready to hand out.

  11. Post on the bulletin board at work, if possible.
  12. If your subdivision/neighborhood offers a bulletin board or some kind of announcement section, post your flyer there! By posting in the neighborhood, you’re targeting people who are already attracted to your location.
  13. Your town/city may have a similar bulletin board option at the town center.
  14. Fax your flyer to the human resources departments of area businesses for relocation purposes.

  16. Talk about your home sale with your friends and family.
  17. Mention it at work, at stores, with new acquaintances.
  18. Bring it up at book club, community events, parties, showers, holiday gatherings.
  19. Be on the lookout for people who are house-hunting. You never know who will lead to your buyer!

  21. Create free online ads at places like Craigslist and Google that link to your Buy Owner page. You’ll be drawing even more people to look at your home’s photos, tours and text!
  22. E-mail everyone in your e-mail address book a link to your online ad and ask them to pass it on to anyone who’s in the market.
  23. Blog about your home sale. If you, or someone you know, blogs regularly, that can be a great way to spread the word about your property. Try to get a post written that links to your advertisement and mentions some of your home’s key features.

  25. Schedule an open house on a weekend afternoon when not a lot of community events are happening. Hint: don’t plan the open house on the day of a big football game or the weekend of a holiday.
  26. Promote your open house everywhere (see above for suggestions about flyers).
  27. On the day of the open house, have a niece or nephew run a lemonade stand out front. This will help draw in other passers-by, inviting them inside.
  28. Mark your open house online, through your Buy Owner seller tools*.
  29. Make the most of other open houses in the area. Check local ads, and when an open house is scheduled in nearby, put out a sign and draw those visitors to your home.
  30. *Call Buy Owner’s customer service department if you need help navigating through your seller tools.

    **Be careful to abide by all local ordinances regarding private property and only post the flyer after obtaining permission.