We spend a third of our lives in the bedroom. This is considered our most personal space where we rest and rejuvenate in the evening for a refreshed feeling in the morning. But those following the principles of feng shui may be waking up more refreshed than others.

Feng shui (pronounced fung shway) dictates that our surroundings affect our health, wealth and happiness. Feng shui literally translates to “wind and water” in Chinese. It is considered the art of placement. It states that if you place your furniture and belongings in a particular setup, especially in the bedroom, positive and balanced energy can offer you the most peaceful state of mind to wake up to.

Even if you don’t believe in this, the rules still make for smart design sense.

You could opt to keep your feng shui bedroom design as simple as this:

1. The tiger crouches at your side for protection. Place a nightstand lower than the bed to the right side.
2. The dragon flies high in the sky. Place a tall shelving unit or dresser to the left side of the bed.
3. The phoenix needs room to fly far out and ahead. Make the area by the foot of your bed clear of clutter.
4. The tortoise brings up the rear. Place the head of the bed against a wall or, more importantly, acquire a bed with a solid headboard.
5. The snake resides in the center. Center the bed so that you could exit from either side.

If you want to become more involved with feng shui, much more advice is available. Pick and choose what you’d like to include in your bedroom, or go all out and follow every rule for the highest possible impact. Here are some highlights:

The windows and doors control the flow of energy. The most important rule states that your bed should rest in the middle of the bedroom and the bedroom door should be visible from the bed but not directly across from it or next to it. This allows you the feeling of safety but doesn’t allow the energy flow to be disrupted. The best setup would place your bed diagonally across from the door. You must never allow the bed to directly face the door. This is referred to as the “coffin” position and drains you while you sleep.

Do not place your bed directly next to a window. This will stifle the energy flow. Mirrors create negative energy. Your best bet is to cover windows and mirrors in your bedroom with a scarf or curtains while you sleep. This will forbid the possibility of energy bouncing off mirrors, therefore allowing the energy to flow naturally.

Try not to sleep under ceiling beams or a ceiling fan that will force energy to push down forcefully on your body.

Use soft, natural, earthly colors in the bedroom, such as cream, copper, tan, cocoa, peach and light shades of blues and greens. Shades of pink and red make excellent accent colors if you are looking to increase romance in your life.

Your bedroom should always include furniture for two. With your bed in the middle of the room, place a nightstand on each side of the bed. Choose artwork that has two people or objects displayed. This will create a room with unity and balance, which will in turn balance your daily life.

When choosing new furniture, such as the nightstands next to the bed, apt for rounded corners that cannot cut off energy. Only place peaceful items next to the bed and throughout the room. On your nightstand, rest a vase of flowers, scented oils or your favorite photograph next to the bed. Get rid of any item that carries negative energy, such as a mattress you bought with a friend you no longer communicate with.

Allow the clutter in your room to disappear once and for all! This includes storage under the bed and in the closet. Every area of the room should possess an airy space to allow energy to freely flow through. Shut away all electronics when it’s time for bed. Keep your television in a cabinet with doors, place your alarm clock as far away from your bed as possible and shut your phone off. Keep financial paperwork and exercise gear in another room. You should only fill your personal space with peaceful, tranquil items.

Close all the doors to your room, including the bathroom door. This will allow the healthy energy to flow only to you and not “down the drain”. During the day, open up the windows or doors whenever possible to allow the air in your room to constantly remain fresh.

If you only have a ceiling light fixture, purchase a lamp or dimmers. This allows you to balance high impact and low impact lighting for a balanced energy, and to alter the atmosphere of your room to suit your mood. Surround yourself with sensuous tastes, sounds and smells to keep your frame of mind free of stress and full of harmony.