ssfridge Sellers, are you wishing you could replace your appliances but can’t afford the cost? There’s another answer. With a few simple materials, a little time and a lot of elbow grease, you can turn your old appliances into like-new showpieces, designed to make your kitchen instantly more impressive to potential buyers. Want to know how?

Step One: Cleaning
This step may seem unnecessary, in which case you’ll be tempted to skip it—but don’t. Thoroughly scrubbing and sanitizing your appliances lays the groundwork for any improvement.

Step Two: Choose Replacement Materials
There are several options to choose from when it comes to updating your appliances. While these options may not last the next 20 years, they do extend the life of your outdated appliances temporarily, which is especially valuable when your home is for sale! Which solution you choose depends on your personal preference, so compare these choices:

  • Veneer Panels: Wood-looking panels can be attached to your existing appliances to give them a cutting-edge appearance.
  • Paint: Specially made appliance paint can give your older appliances a fresh start. Just be sure to use the paint specifically made for this purpose—use anything else, and you’re likely to ruin what you have.
  • Stainless Steel-Looking Contact Paper: You can purchase the contact paper at home stores or online, and then you just need to cut it yourself to the exact measurements of your appliances. Attach it to the front of your appliances for an instant makeover! Note that this option cannot be applied above the stove.

Research the cost and availability of materials at your local home improvement store, and decide which is best for you. Whatever the case, one thing’s for sure, this kitchen facelift is the kind that matters: it’s low in cost and big in impact!