1. Fresh Paint: Adding a new splash of color to your walls can make a big difference! Try painting just a border or doing a faux finish if you’re looking for something more interesting, and choose soothing neutral colors that will increase your home’s value.

2. New Towels: Even just updating you displayed hand towels can give the bathroom a new look, and they are something visitors are sure to notice when they’re washing up!

3. New Shower Curtain: Because it takes up so much visual space in a bathroom, a shower curtain can greatly affect the area’s overall appeal. Try updating yours with one in a soothing palette that goes with your bathroom’s overall color scheme and style.

4. Decorative Touches: Smart, simple accessories tie a bathroom’s decor together. Consider adding candles, vase with fresh flowers, new soaps—little touches that affect the overall appearance.

5. Little Upgrades: Replacing the towel bar, the toilet paper holder and/or the trash can up the style in your bathroom, or you may consider adding an inexpensive towel warmer for a heightened sense of luxury.