Having an organized, maximally usable garage can be exciting if you’re moving into a new home and have not had this advantage before.  It can also make a huge difference if you’re selling for potential buyers to realize they have an organized space immediately that can accommodate not only their car but also the oodles of storage needs they haven’t been able to utilize before.

So, though organizing the garage may seem like a daunting task,  it doesn’t have to be overwhelming. Just like any other large or small organizing project, break the process up into segments. Start by going through your garage and figuring out what you are keeping, what you are giving away, and what you are throwing out. Get rid of anything you really don’t need. Then organize by separating things into groups. The pruning shears should not be mixed in with the tennis rackets and the soccer balls. Categorize these groups by how you use them and how often you use them. For example, keep all your gardening items in one spot and your sports equipment in another.

Here are some suggested categories that seem pretty universal:

*Gardening equipment
*Sporting goods
*Seasonal items

So now that you have everything separated, how can you maximize your space while again, leaving room for your car(s)? Here are a few tips:

  • Floor to Ceiling Wall shelving or portable shelves will maximize all the available space that does not impede parking your car. If you have a standard size garage, you might See the source imagewant to park your cars in the garage with their doors open to determine how deep your shelves can accommodate without being a challenge.
  • Hang gardening tools on racks and hooks. Again, considering space, perhaps have your shelves start at 5-6 ft off the floor so you have space below for your hanging items.
  • Image result for free images of garage interiorsTo create a more finished look consider tiling or epoxy painting your floor!
  • Pegboards are always a great option for tools. Make them even more effective by outlining the shapes of the tools on the pegboard so everything goes back and fits in their own spaces.
  • If you have room for cabinets, they’re a great way to create a cleaner and clearer appearance. This also can add storage for oversized pantry items that won’t fit in your Kitchen pantry.
  • Locking cabinets placed high will help keep dangerous items out of the reach of little hands!
  • Use labeled or color coded bins on your shelves to create more organization. If you can’t afford to add shelves, purchase stackable bins that can be piled on top of each other.
  • If you have a high garage ceiling, consider lofting shelves or hanging bikes, skis, snowboards, etc. from the ceiling. There are great hooks available to Image result for free images of garage interiorsaccommodate all these items.See the source image
  • If you have the height and funds to add a stand up or crawl height attic to your garage, this is a great space to store seasonal items or items you only use once in a great while.

No matter how much or how little you can do, any form of organization will help you feel refreshed and far less stressed!