Christmas has arrived, and 2008 is soon coming to an end. That means it’s time to contemplate what your 2009 New Years resolution should be! Last year, going green was one of the most popular resolutions. Let’s continue this by making a fresh effort to decrease each of our carbon footprints.

Not only does going green help the environment, but it also decreases our monthly bills! This year, you can choose a guilt-free resolution that helps your finances while also helping the entire world! Who said one person can’t make a difference? You can.

If you need a boost in the right direction, here is a recap of green ideas for 2009:

Take advantage of post-holiday sales. Energy-efficient appliances should be at their cheapest right now. By exchanging your old appliances for new, energy-efficient choices, the amount of energy you’ll save on your monthly bills will pay for these updates in no time!

Electronics use energy even when they aren’t being used. Plug all of your electronics into a power strip so you can flip the strip off whenever you aren’t using the equipment. This will save energy and time!

Pile on sweaters and blankets for the long month of January instead of turning up the thermometer. Programmable thermostats allow you to turn down the heat during bedtime or during daytime hours when no one is home.

If your resolution for 2009 is to make updates to your home’s décor, opt to multitask your resolutions by using green options! Repaint your home with non-VOC paint and decorate with eco-friendly flooring, cabinetry, countertops, etc.

Create your own household cleaning supplies. These allow you to safely clean your home’s surfaces without adding chemicals and dangerous toxins. To learn more, click here.

Recycle! You can also purchase recycled goods, such as toilet paper, paper towels and clothing. To help reduce your recycled goods, a good place to begin is with a water filter. This can decrease the use of water bottles.

Add ceiling fans to as many rooms as possible.
They keep the air circulated and fresh and they multitask! During the summer, they keep the rooms cool. But during the winter, you can turn them clockwise at a low speed to send warm air downward.

To save on your heating bills, insulation is key. Finish this winter off right with energy-efficient insulation. For more information, click here.