Remember this article about eco-friendly plumbing?

According to, “the average [American’s] individual daily consumption of water is 159 gallons,” while people in other countries live off of a small 25 gallons. Americans use a lot of water by performing everyday activities like bathing, going to the bathroom, washing dishes, cleaning the house and doing laundry.

The article goes on to list several plumbing fixtures that will help you conserve water and energy inside your home. But did you know that you can conserve water and be more environmentally conscious when using your outdoor hot tub, as well? Here’s how:

Try a portable hot tub. Portable hot tubs are slightly smaller than heavy, mounted spas, so they hold less water. You won’t need to worry about draining excess amounts, and they require less energy to reach and maintain your desired temperature.

Use solar covers. Not using your hot tub? Keep it clean using a solar cover! It does double duty by holding in heat and keeping debris out of the water, which does the filter a favor, and you won’t need to put as many chemicals in the water to cleanse and purify it.

Opt for a 100% no-bypass filtration system. Looking for another way to keep the water clean longer? Find a hot tub that features a 100 % no-bypass filtration system in which all water passes through before it enters the spa. Some hot tubs also boast a special technology that uses a three-dimensional surface area in order to maximize filtration power to extend time between cleanings. Instead of draining the water every three months, as you would with most of your typical hot tub models, you may only have to do it twice a year!

Look for a hot tub that has an ozone system or ion purifier. Reduce the need to use harsh chemicals in order to clean your hot tub. A Fresh Water ozone system produces highly concentrated ozone bubbles in that neutralize contaminants on contact. A silvre ion purifier provides silver ions as a natural alternative to water care to limit the use of chemical sanitizers like chlorine.

Change the display temperature. Once the hot tub water reaches your desired temperature to the touch, try lowering the display temperature a degree or two. You won’t feel too much of a difference, but you will save energy. The less work your hot tub has to do, the less energy it produces.