Did you know we spend a third of our lives in the bedroom? This means it’s a great place to begin going green! Since we’re spending so much time there, it only makes sense to diminish as many chemicals and toxins as possible. Start with the bed, and continue from there.

Mattresses can carry numerous materials that contain toxins, formaldehyde, pesticides, fire-retardants and more! An organic wool mattress is the top green choice. Organic cotton and latex mattresses follow closely behind.

Sheets can carry the same sort of toxins. Choose organic sheets and pillowcases that don’t contain formaldehyde and chemicals. You also want sheets that can soak in moisture so as to not build up mold. Organic flannel, wool or cotton sheets are top choices. Polyester sheets are not a smart choice. Same goes for your comforter.

If you plan on adding one ceiling fan to your home, opt to add it to the bedroom. Ceiling fans can keep air cool in the summer and warm in the winter, and fans always keep the air circulated and fresh for easy breathing at night.

Choose paint and furniture with low VOC. Since you spend hours at a time breathing in the bedroom air, it’s important to keep it as toxin-free as possible.

Instead of purchasing new furniture, fix up old furniture by giving it a vintage style. If you need new furniture, shop at local antique or thrift stores. Buy it from local builders instead of faraway factories.

You want to make sure the windows are well-insulated for energy saving. Thick curtains work better than blinds to keep the cold or hot air out. During the day, allow natural light into the room. When the weather is nice, take every opportunity to open the window and allow fresh air to fill your room.

Switch your bedroom lights with fluorescent lighting. Add a dimmer switch to set the mood and to save energy!

If you plan to redo the bedroom flooring, opt for green choices like bamboo, cork and reclaimed wood. For more comfort, add some comfy eco-friendly throw rugs!

Feng shui decorating tips provide the utmost comfort for your bedroom. It teaches to keep the bedroom as airy and uncluttered as possible, which is also a green way of thinking. To learn more, click here.