Bamboo FlooringWhile sustainable living does seem to be the trendy thing to do today, it really goes beyond the fad. With the global climate crisis weighing down on us, it’s smart to consider your options, especially when it comes to your home.

Sustainable flooring is one option. If you’re looking to redo the flooring in your home, think about using cork or bamboo flooring instead of the traditional options of hardwood, laminate or carpet.

Bamboo Flooring

  • Some Quick Facts
    Bamboo flooring resembles traditional hardwood, but it is generally less expensive. It’s also harder, and therefore more durable, than traditional hardwood flooring.
  • Where Does It Come From?
    Bamboo is actually a grass that is harvested, split-flattened and then laminated. Once made into flooring it comes in planks, tiles or hand-scraped versions. Bamboo flooring comes in many colors, both natural and stained, to suit any room in your home.
  • What Makes It Green?
    Bamboo is environmentally friendly because it matures every 5-7 years, and once it’s harvested the root continues to grow. That produces more stock.
  • How Do You Maintain Bamboo?
    Maintenance of bamboo flooring is simple. Just sweep vacuum like any other floor to keep away dust and dirt.

Cork Flooring

  • Some Quick Facts
    Cork flooring is made from cork oak bark. It takes 25 years for the plant to mature, and when it’s harvested, the tree is not harmed. It stays alive while the bark redevelops.
  • How Is It Sold?
    Cork flooring comes in tiles that are glued down or in planks that are floated. (Floating floors are floors that are not adhered to the subfloor.) Cork flooring comes in a variety of natural and stained colors, but it can only be stained if the surface is unfinished.
  • Some Perks about Cork
    Cork flooring is known for its softness. Cork’s cell structure is made of millions of air pockets, meaning you don’t get sore standing on it for long periods of time. It’s not spongy, though; it retains a solid feeling.
  • Cork flooring makes a natural noise reducer. The air pockets also absorb vibrations, so cork floors are especially great for rooms like a recording studio, a child’s playroom or an area for entertaining.
  • Cork is also anti-allergenic because it produces a waxy substance known as Suberin that repels bugs, mold, mites and termites. If you suffer from allergies but don’t want to suffer from a cold, unwelcoming floor, this is your answer!
  • How Do You Maintain Cork?
    Cork floor maintenance is simple. Like most other flooring, just sweep, mop and vacuum regularly.

Both bamboo and cork flooring can be used in any room throughout your house. They look sleek and stylish, with the added bonus of being green!