The average rate for a 30-year fixed-rate mortgage is 2.84%, down 2 points over the last seven days. Just last month, the average interest rate was 2.88% for a 30 year mortgage. That rate is an amazing considering it is 129 basis points below the 2019 average rate. In other words this is a great time to get a fixed rate mortgage.

The interest on a 15 year fixed rate mortgage can be had for below 2%! With rates like this, we are in one of the rare times when it is just as advantageous to be a buyer as it is a seller. In many areas, the market has been so vibrant that inventory is low while demand is still high making it a perfect time to sell. At the same time, if you diligently shop the market and take the time to get pre-approved for your mortgage prior to finding your dream home, you can enjoy paying next to no interest on your mortgage!

So whether you’re wanting to buy or sell, it’s your time!!